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100% Natural Daily Brain Boost

For the Purist - A single ingredient, patented plant extract made from premium coffee fruit. Tinc contains a unique profile of polyphenols and neuroproteins that have been clinically shown to improve overall brain function.

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Enables various brain areas to work more efficiently together and better coordinate its critical functions.


Enhances the ability to sustain one's attention while filtering out distractions, improving performance and productivity.


Increases attention and mental processing speed leading to quicker and better reflexes and responses.

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Your Daily Brain Boost

  • Effective at 1 dose

  • Shown to Reduce Mental Fatigue

  • Small 1/4 teaspoon dose

  • 5 Human Peer Reviewed Clinical Trials

  • Proven Safe and Bioavailable

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Recipes for your Daily Dose


Simply add 1/4 teaspoon of Tinc into a glass of water and stir. Spruce it up with a slice of orange or lemon or add a drop of delicious honey!



Add 1/4 teaspoon of Tinc into your favorite smoothie. Tinc's Coffee Fruit mixes well in taste with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.



Add a 1/4 teaspoon of Tinc into your desired coffee beverage. Tinc's Coffee Fruit loves to be mixed into cold brew, mochas and espressos.

Red Brain Boost

5 Star Customer Reviews

Hands down, it has the most comprehensive benefits coming from a one single serving and there’s the science to back it up! Thank you Tinc for creating this product, I can’t live without it (my friends and mom are hooked on it too)!

Burt, CEO

Works terrific as a pre-workout beverage to enhance focus and attention for intense exercise. I use it twice a day. Once in the morning to start my day and later in the day for my workouts .

Larry, CEO

Tinc is Incredible! The bioavailability was almost instantaneous!

Robert, CA – Head of Sales

Totally gave me a boost that lasted hours. I was super focused on my work and felt very alert.

Jenna, CA – Chief Marketing Officer

It's like, I wanted to do 5 things at once, my brain was ready to party.

Eric – Operations Manager

Tinc gives me the connectivity and focus I need to train. My clients are telling me how on fire I have been.

Mike, HI – Top Tier MMA Athlete

I feel it within minutes. I use in the morning and afternoon for a pickup, feeling super focused and connected.

Tom – CEO of Coffee Company

I’m very careful about what supplements I take. Tinc works as advertised! It gave me the alertness and focus I was looking for!

Mel – FitnessTrainer

I have been taking Tinc for a week and I love it. Its gives me clarity and focus

Luana, Real Estate Agent

Tina keeps your brain focused on the task at hand and in the momemt, especially during those long, hard workouts! It really is true!

Jonah, Professional Athlete

Adding add 1/4 teaspoon of @think.tinc to my coffee every morning helps keep up with a full-time work and school! It has been helping to keep me focused and energized so I can perform my best!


Adding Tinc to my daily greens helps me so much with concentration, focus, alertness and reaction time. I love that it's completely natural caffeine!


This is my new secret weapon for boosting my brain function. It has significantly helped increase my focus and brain function!


I enjoy being most productive in the morning, whether it's my workout, some morning baking, or cleaning! The focus and alertness I get from @tinc coffee extract is exactly what I need to help me power through my morning!


Using Tinc has improved my productivity when it comes to making content and staying mentality active. It allows me to focus on all my daily task without feeling mentally fatigued.


Since trying Tinc brain boost, I have noticed a big difference in my energy, I'm able to dive into my world with much more focus all while managing baby duties.


Usually around mid-afternoon that my brain just shuts down. Just a quarter of a teaspoon of Tinc in my favorite drink helps to improve concentration, focus and alertness!


After trying Tinc, i've noticed i'm diving into my work with more focus!


Using Tinc helps me feel my best by improving my focus and connectivity!


What is TINC?

Tinc is a natural, patented extract derived from premium Coffea arabica coffee cherries. It contains a unique profile of polyphenols that have been shown in clinical studies to stimulate the production of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a key neuroprotein involved in overall brain health, significantly increasing vitality, learning, memory and higher thinking.

Coffee Fruit TINC Powder

Single Ingredient - Less is More

Tinc is only 1 ingredient, not a bunch of different ingredients thrown together in a bundle.

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100% Natural


Gluten Free

No Calories

No Sugar

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